Solutions: Sustainable Communities

Middle YearsHigh School 2018/2019 School Year

What are the 17 Sustainable Development Goals? What is a sustainable community? Why do we need safe and inclusive neighbourhoods? What are the connections between cities and climate change? What do creative and innovative solutions look like? How do our actions make a difference in the world? The Manitoba Council for International Cooperation is proud to present Generating Momentum for Our World conferences throughout Manitoba in the 2018 — 2019 school year with the theme Solutions: Sustainable Communities. To bring a conference to your school or community, email or call 204-987-6420.

What you need to know

  • Students will become familiar with the 17 Sustainable Development Goals and Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and Communities in particular, learning why inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable communities matter around the world.

  • Schools can invite us to their school or community for students and teachers to participate in the conference

  • Conferences start with an opening plenary, followed by skill-building circuit sessions, creative workshops, a teacher’s resource session and a closing plenary.

  • Conferences usually begin at 9:00 a.m and end at 3:00 p.m.

  • Logistics are coordinated by MCIC with input from the hosting school or community

Circuit Sessions

Sessions are 1 hour long and focus on student action. Students attend with their teachers.

Planning and Promoting

This circuit helps students transform ideas into action. Students will brainstorm ideas and learn the nuts and bolts of planning an activity or event, and how to raise awareness for positive social change.

Public Speaking

This circuit gives students the tools to be confident, relaxed and engaging public speakers. Students will learn how to get their key messages across effectively, so they can spread the word about important global issues.


Leadership skills are essential for students who want to work to change their world. Students will participate in hands-on activities, exploring leadership themes and activities.

Creative Workshops

Workshops are an opportunity for students to work with their peers and explore a creative medium of their choice that can be used for raising awareness. Students will rank their choice of workshop in order of preference on their registration form. A teacher’s workshop is held concurrent to these workshops.


Making a short video to share on social media is a great way to get your message out to the public. During this workshop, students will learn the basics of filmmaking and explore how to use their smartphones to create content that can inspire change for our world.

Silk Screening

For those who like to make a fashion statement, this workshop covers the basics of how to create an original T-shirt or tote bag design. Students learn about the silk screening process and how to design images with a message.


This workshop explores how to use theatre techniques to get a message out. Students will play theatrical games and learn how to build scenes through improvisation.

Additional creative workshops including designing a mural, gardening and composting, or digital photography may be available. For more information, contact

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This program was made possible with financial support of the Government of Manitoba,
and was undertaken with the financial support of the Government of Canada provided through Global Affairs Canada (GAC)