Procurement and Policies for Sustainable Development

As part of our presentations to students around Manitoba, we encourage them to think about their consumer and lifestyle choices – what they buy, how their actions affect people and the environment here and around the world, and what they can do to make a difference. As teachers and administrators you can set an example in your school or school division by setting fair trade procurement policies, or by adopting and encouraging a fair trade or global citizenship policy in your school.

Playing Fair - Procurement of sports equipment

Are the kids at your school “playing fair”? MCIC can help your school or division identify and buy fair trade sports equipment that is guaranteed child labour free. The products available are high quality and the cost is comparable to non-fair trade sports balls. We can either connect you to a distributor directly or order the equipment for you. The following fair trade items are available:

  • Indoor and outdoor soccer balls (various codes available)
  • Indoor and outdoor volleyballs
  • Rugby balls
  • Basketballs
  • North American footballs
  • T-shirts and hoodies for teams or groups in your school

By going a step further you can work within your school or school division to change the procurement policies to ensure that, when available, fair trade equipment is purchased. This will ensure that all the youth in our schools are always playing fair!

Download the Fair Trade Sports Balls catalogue to view the available balls, then download the order form and send it to


There are ways that schools and school divisions can work for a better world through simple changes in their policies. By changing your policies you are making a formal commitment to support workers and producers in the developing world and to encourage global citizenship in your classrooms.

In 2009 MCIC worked closely with Gimli High School and Evergreen School Division to “go fair trade”. The fair trade commitment is now part of their procurement policies and, more importantly, their daily practices. Your cafeteria or staff room can commit to fair trade coffee, or your school can purchase fair trade sports equipment. You may want to commit to encouraging global citizenship through education and action of your student body.

Read more about ways you can empower your students to become involved in Fair Trade procurement in your school.

MCIC program staff can work with you to adopt a policy that fits your school.

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