Food Security

For the first time, there are more than 1 billion people on the planet facing chronic hunger. Making our food system work for both consumers and producers around the world is a top priority for international development organizations.

A farmer ploughs the field in Manthralaya, AP, India. Photo: Ananth BS.

MCIC’s Generating Momentum for Our World: Appetite for Change conferences in 2009-10 focused on food security and the global food crisis. Students learned about the crisis of high prices in basic food crops which make it difficult or impossible for millions of families around the world to meet their basic needs. They also explored different issues which are contributing to those high prices, like loss of agricultural land to climate change and industry, war and conflict and health. They also learned how sustainable agriculture programs can help small farms around the world succeed in producing diverse and healthy crops and how fair trade can make markets work better for producers. View the conference resource here (link to conference resource).

Learn more

  • Invite MCIC to your school to play the “Appetite for Change” simulation game
  • MCIC developed a resource kit for teachers complete with curriculum connections, additional information and various print, online, and video resources. Download your copy here.

Member Resources

The following resources are provided by MCIC members with regards to this issue:

Canadian Physicians for Aid and Relief (CPAR)

Tools for Learning - Hungry for Food Security: The East African Experience. Lesson Plans connected to Social Studies Gr. 10: Geographic Issues of the 21st Century or S4 World Geography: A Human Perspective curriculum.

Global Kidz: Building Healthy Communities - Lesson plans for middle years students.


Extensive teaching resources for Early Years – High School on Hunger and Food Security

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

Invite EWB to your school to do their “Food for Thought” presentation

USC Canada

Watch “The Story of Food”, an accessible and fun 5-minute video which explores the food system

World Vision

Educational resources for high school students including: “A Hungry World – Understanding the Global Food Crisis” and “Food Fight: A Youth Action Guide on Hunger”

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