Millennium Development Goals

MCIC and its members are working to raise awareness of the successes of the Millennium Goals - and the great challenge we face in meeting the goals in the coming years. 

At the United Nations Millennium Summit in 2000, 189 governments signed the Millennium Declaration on behalf of the countries they represented. Eight Millennium Development Goals were adopted committing rich and poor countries to work together in a global partnership to eradicate extreme poverty and hunger, ensure that all boys and girls complete primary school, promote gender equality, improve the health of mothers and children, reverse the spread of HIV AIDS and other diseases, and protect the environment … all by 2015!

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Member Resources

The following resources are provided by MCIC members with regards to this issue:


Online resources including a short video about the goals.

Red Cross

Educators resources including two development workshops, one aimed at middle years students (Development Ups and Downs) and one at high school students (Breaking the Poverty-Disease Cycle). Both explore the Millennium Development Goals in context.


Tools for Learning - Senior 4 World Issues: “Millennium Development Goals and Quality of Life” - Complete lesson plans related to the Manitoba curriculum.

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