In the Media

Date Title Source
05/25/15 Yellowquill promotes water security The Portage Daily Graphic
03/03/15 Yellowquill students inspired to make change Portage Daily Graphic
03/03/15 Students Learn About Climate Disasters Steinbach Online
01/22/15 Climate change conference shows youth how they can make a difference CBC
02/11/14 Making a difference for kids in Kenya The Times
02/10/14 Spoken Word Project Shaw TV Winnipeg
12/09/13 Empowering youth to make it a better world (PDF) The Morden Times
12/04/13 Youth Tackle Global Poverty Issues (PDF) Winkler Morden Voice
11/27/13 Junior High Students Look to Battle Poverty Pembina Valley Online
11/18/13 Social Justice Club (PDF) Gimli High School News
07/09/13 Sisler student, teacher recognized, rewarded as true global citizens The Times
06/28/13 Souris educator Bev Sobrey receives Global Citizenship Award Westman Journal
05/22/13 Students honoured for doing unto others Winnipeg Free Press
03/07/13 International council spawns young global citizens (PDF) The Interlake Enterprise
03/07/13 Gimli high students march for fair trade (PDF) The Interlake Enterprise
03/06/13 Students’ song speaks to international women’s issues The Sou’Wester
03/06/13 Winnipeg chocolate shop to get swarmed in province’s first Carrotmob Metro Winnipeg
03/04/13 MCIC provides food for thought The Interlake Spectator
02/22/13 Learning About Food Security (PDF) The Minnedosa Tribune
02/20/13 Generating Momentum For Our World - Food For All (PDF) The Minnedosa Tribune
02/19/13 For students, playing ball is serious business Winnipeg Free Press
02/14/13 MB Council for International Cooperation acknowledges efforts of Interlake’s ‘global cit (PDF) The Interlake Enterprise
02/12/13 U of M student making a difference The Manitoban
02/08/13 Manitoba Midwife Supports International Development Week Pembina Valley Online
02/07/13 International Development Week music video Shaw TV Winnipeg
02/07/13 Teens Use Music Video To Promote Gender Equality Winnipeg Free Press
02/01/13 Challenge yourself to eat local and fair The Manitoban
01/10/13 Taking Fair Trade to the Consumer (PDF) Fair Trade - Canadian Fair Trade Network publication
12/13/12 Students Taught Realities of Food Security (PDF) Morden Times
12/13/12 Broadening students’ global perspectives (PDF) Winkler Morden Voice
12/05/12 Food Security And Hunger The Focus Of Student Conference Steinbach Online
12/05/12 Food Security And Hunger The Focus Of Student Conference Pembina Valley Online
11/22/12 Food Security Includes Everyone (PDF) The Beausejour Review
11/19/12 Students work toward food for all The Beausejour Review
11/16/12 Students want “Food For All” (PDF) The Beausejour Review
07/19/12 Erickson grad wins citizens award (The Neepawa Banner)
07/04/12 Evergreen superintendent receives good citizenship award from MCIC (PDF) Interlake Enterprise
07/04/12 Student recognized for work at home, abroad (PDF) The Herald
07/03/12 Centennial teacher earns global citizenship award (PDF) The Winnipeg River Clipper Weekly
07/03/12 Oakbank grad earns global citizenship award (PDF) The Clipper Weekly
06/29/12 Waterman recognized for leadership skills (PDF) South Mountain Press
06/28/12 Evergreen Superintendent Cuthbert receives MCIC’s Global Citizenship Award The Interlake Spectator
06/25/12 Centennial teacher awarded for global citizenship The Selkirk Journal
06/25/12 Riverton’s finest get their wings The Interlake Spectator
06/25/12 Grunthal teacher receives Global Citizens Award
06/25/12 Grunthal student receives Young Manitoba Global Citizens Award
06/22/12 Two Grunthal Residents Honoured for Citizenship (PDF) The Carillon
06/22/12 Educators Receive Global Citizenship Award Lac du Bonnet Leader
06/22/12 Young Manitoba Global Citizens Receive Award The Beausejour Review
05/18/12 Paul Cuthbert wins Global Citizenship Award for Educators The Interlake Spectator
05/07/12 Green Valley School Teacher Wins Citizenship Award
03/15/12 Student “Go Fair Trade” conference held in Gimli The Interlake Spectator
03/07/12 WATCH: Miss Representation a must-see for men and women CBC Manitoba: Scene
03/07/12 Students Forge An Unbreakable Bond (PDF) The Times
02/29/12 Internationally-minded students spotlighted for spreading awareness (PDF) The Lance
02/29/12 Teens join equality fight (PDF) The Flin Flon Reminder
02/29/12 Music video promotes empowering women (PDF) The Herald
02/28/12 Apprendre de lՃthiopie (PDF) La Libert̩
02/22/12 Internationally-minded students spotlighted for spreading awareness (PDF) The Herald
02/21/12 Making a difference by making music (PDF) The Beausejour Clipper
02/21/12 SRSS Student Champions Women’s Rights
02/15/12 Gimli High School Supports Fair Trade Interlake Spectator
02/10/12 Students learn the importance of fair trade (PDF) The Minnedosa Tribune
02/09/12 Oakbank drummer promotes women’s rights through music video The Beausejour Review
02/03/12 Hapnot Hype (PDF) The Flin Flon Reminder
01/23/12 Gimil Social Justice Club - Fair Trade Fashion Show (PDF) Gimli High News
01/18/12 An Amazing Experience (PDF) Winnipeg Free Press
12/15/11 GHS students host ethical fashion show The Interlake Spectator
12/12/11 Local Students Part of Generating Momentum Conference The Carman Valley Leader
12/08/11 Gaining global citizens The Morden Times
12/07/11 Local Youth Learn Value of Fair Trade (PDF) Winkler Morden Voice
12/05/11 Manitoba Middle School Students Took Part In Fair Trade Conference Pembina Valley Online
12/02/11 Bothwell Student Gains World Perspective
12/02/11 Museum Decks Its Halls The Interlake Spectator
11/18/11 Making Their Voice Heard (PDF) The Stonewall Argus and Teulon Times
11/17/11 Inclusion Focus of High Schools’ Workshop (PDF) The Stonewall Teulon Tribune
11/07/11 Eastman students “go Fair Trade” The Lac du Bonnet Leader
07/19/11 Erickson grad receives Global Citizenship Award The Neepawa Press
07/15/11 Maduke Receives Citizenship Award (PDF) The South Mountain Press
07/06/11 Erickson student wins global award The Neepawa Banner
07/06/11 Springfield student wins Global Citizenship Award The Beausejour Review
06/29/11 Students Use Lens To Focus On Child Labour Issue (PDF) The Herald
06/23/11 Project gets Bono’s stamp of approval The Herald
03/30/11 MSC students recognized for Making a Difference Canadian Mennonite University website
03/25/11 Students learn about major global issues (PDF) Crossroads This Week
03/25/11 Students Learn About Major Global Issues (PDF) The South Mountain Press
03/01/11 Manitoba Youth Get Behind The Camera (PDF) The Education For Sustainable Development Newsletter
02/23/11 Gimli Youth Making A Difference The Interlake Spectator
02/18/11 Petersfield Student Promotes Fair Trade The Selkirk Journal
02/17/11 Petersfield Student Promotes Fair Trade (PDF) The Interlake Spectator
02/17/11 Conference Teaches Students About Global Issues (PDF) The Interlake Spectator
02/09/11 Students Become Global Citizens Canada Views
01/11/11 Global Classroom Comes to Beausejour (PDF) The Clipper Weekly
04/14/10 Gimli’s Johnson Gets Nod as Young Global Citizen (PDF) The Interlake Spectator
03/19/10 Young Global Citizens in Action (PDF) Education for Sustainable Development Newsletter
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